The BALKAN “MISH – MASH” program is about young Balkan film lovers who are passionate and motivated to shoot and produce their own films. The purpose of this project is to give an opportunity to youngsters from the Balkan countries, to produce short films, during a week, under the supervision of professional filmmakers.

15-20 youngsters form different countries from the Balkan, comes together in one week in Pogradec, during the Balkan Film Festival, and collaborate with each other to produce several videos and short films on socio-cultural topics they choose.

The Program starts with a training on multimedia and film education, as well as on the job training on the use of camera, scrip writing, editing, etc. Guidance, mentorship and coaching is provided during all the film production process, as well as editing and post production.

The films produced are screened the last night of the festival before the closing


The films will remain as property of the festival while their authors will hold the copyright and can freely distribute in the future.