Dear Participants!

Those who have confirmed their participation to the Balkan Film Food Festival in Pogradec:

Please confirm the dates of your stay and how you intent to reach Pogradec.

  1. For those who will come by air they need to write the dates and time of their arrival and departure in order to organize transportation in Pogradec.

  2. Those who intend to come in the border of Cafasan or Sveti Naum please send us information about the dates and time in order to organize transportation by taxi in Pogradec.

  3. Those that will come by car they must park in front of Enkelana Hotel. At the moment of their arrival at the reception of the hotel they can get in contact with the festival staff.

In order to arrange the accommodation properly please get in contact with Alketa who is in charge for the logistics at




or call us at +355694434611 / +355682070701 (if you can)

*At Enkelana Hotel there is free WiFi in order to use email, WhatsApp or else.

Please confirm no later than July 12.

Thank You