Balkan Film Food Festival of Pogradec started in 2011, and this year was planned to be held in June. 2020 would be its 10th anniversary.
With the hope that the situation would improve we did not announce any postponed call during March.
As for some time, cinemas and venues will stay closed to the public for safety reasons, we decided to postpone the festival in October.
Always with the hope that in October there will be no COVID-19 warnings.
The festival without the presence of spectators would be like a fine meat dish without salt. The key to the success of the festival has been always at the presence of the spectators, friends, and Balkan guests.
During 9 years of the festival we made a lot of friends, we laughed and whipped together, and we don’t want to miss this experience, by screening films online. Going back inside a cinema is the faith of going back to normality, back at our common Balkan problems.

Even our common friend Tos Baxhaku would have said: “October is better, is the month of harvest and good wine”

Looking forward to seeing you in October.



The Balkan Film Food Festival is primarily about Balkan Film Production, it is about exchange of Balkan culture and traditions.

The Balkan Film Food Festival invites film makers and artists from Balkan countries to share and exchange their experiences and knowledge. The Festival goal is to create a climate of understanding, of friendship and collaborations among Balkan artists, filmmakers and youngsters. All guests sit on a common table, and taste our common Balkan culinary, and drink the same wine and rakia.

This Balkan Festival is a good chance to get acquainted with the best cinema
achievements of recent times. We are 60 million Balkan people and we still don’t know one another well enough. An exchange of experiences could be part of meetings and debate among filmmakers during the festival days.

Cuisine is part of this event and it aims at having better friendly contacts among the participants. This festival could also be a start for possible film co-productions between Albania and other Balkan countries.

If you are a filmmaker from the Balkans and are interested to participate, please apply through, or contact us at

JURY 2020



Why in Pogradec?

Historically that area it is known for its commercial routes among Balkan countries in the centuries as Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Albania since the Ottoman Empire.

Water border frontiers which somehow are meaningless among Albania Greece and Macedonia is the clue to organize such Festival in Pogradec as a sign of Cohabitation Respect and Understanding among the Balkan Countries.

Also the city of Pogradec is the setting for a good number of Albanian features.It is also a town of rich art loving traditions and can meet the requirements and infrastructure for such festival.

The festival is the biggest cultural event of the city!

What you need to know


Pogradec, Albania


With buses and minibuses from Tirana at the Pogradec Bound Minibus Station

Hotel & Restaurant

Restaurants offer a variety choice of dishes from an excellent menu and hotels are well equipped and offers a high standard of accommodations and facilities.